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                     PEDRO NEWS

Dedicated to the little helicopter with

“Blades of Wood” flown by “Men of Steel”


VOL 2- Number 1

1 January 2004







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When a Sparrow beats itself to Death


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“Happy Holidays to All”


Well gang, can you believe we’ve been at this for a year now??? Thanks to your help, it’s come a long way from that first crude idea of a newsletter to an

E-magazine and now to a Web Site. Happy Anniversary to all!!!!


We hope this issue brings you much joy as we reminisce the past. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that most of us have been together in one way or another for over 40 years!!!!


This past year I have been personally blessed with the privilege of seeing my old friend Steve Mock whom I haven’t seen since 1969 and meeting Frank Jewell (Det2, Laon AB, France) and his lovely wife Deedee.


Also the contacts I’ve had with old friends from RAF Upper Heyford, England, has allowed me to both re-live my “younger” years and give thanks for the guidance given by those who worked with and trained me.


Let us not forget the brave young men and women who continue our legacy in this world of turmoil. These kids have just as hard a job as we had in the 60’s and 70’s. The big difference is that they have more “toys” to play with. Sometimes I wish I were young again just so I could play with the new technology. Bottom line though is that they need and have the same courage that we and all our “Rescue” brethren have. God bless and keep them all!!!!


We’ve got a lot of good stuff for you this issue so I’m not going to babble on any longer. We’ve tried to make the newsletter easier to load which hopefully makes it even more enjoyable. Just click the links above to go to each page and at the bottom of each page you’ll find the links to navigate you through the newsletter.