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“Blades of Wood” flown by “Men of Steel”


VOL 2- Number 6

April 2004






Stephen P. Mock






Help Stamp out Fixed Wings


Well fellow flyers, It’s that time again and we have what we hope will be another great edition. Winter is nearly over and soon it will be time once again for us Northerners to venture outside. I’m most envious of you folks who live in the warmer “climes”. Still being several years away from retirement, Jan and I are looking forward to moving to Northern Florida and no longer having to deal with the cold weather. In the mean time, I’m sure many of you out there can’t wait for the re-birth of the trees, flowers, and grass. You might notice that our picture above shows Washington DC. Right now, this area is a spectacle for lovers of springtime. “Cherry Blossom” time is a big deal around here and our Nation’s Capitol has been packed with people trying to enjoy what usually lasts a few days at best. For those of you who live near DC and have never seen them, try to get there this year. They are now in full bloom.


Talking with Steve a little earlier made me realize that 38 years ago today, I left for “Basic Training”. I went to Amarillo, Texas as Lackland had been temporarily closed due to some cases of Spinal Meningitis.

Seems like only yesterday! As I looked back, I also realized that EVERY base at which I had been stationed is now CLOSED. I’m not quite sure how to interpret that one!!!!!!!


OK, on with the show! Just click on the links below and enjoy. Once again, your Email responses and help are very welcome.



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