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Dedicated to the little helicopter with

“Blades of Wood” flown by “Men of Steel”



July 2006

Edition 15



Steve Mock






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Here we are once again bringing you what we believe is another quality production. We'd like to start by thanking everyone who has contributed to this fine edition, especially "King's Ransom". We'd also like to extend our thanks to all of you out there who have helped our little E-news magazine community grow to its current size. We are now linked with a large number of other organizations like the PRHA, QNN, Bill Junkins, and many others.

And finally thanks to all our readers. Without you, we wouldn't have much to do in our retirement!!!!


As I'm writing this intro, I'm watching the last of a 12.23" rain storm that had settled over my home in Bel Air, MD. I live out in the "Burbs" where we have a mix of Paid & Volunteer EMS & Fire Departments.


These folks have just gone through about four days of hell in what was called a "300 year storm". It's times like these that I look back on what we did and think about the dangers of present day. We have a lot to be thankful for.


Although we try our best to maintain proper sentence structure, good grammar, and appropriate punctuation, we sometimes manage to screw it up. Please meet our newest copy reader (he drives me nuts!!!!), Liir the cat!!! He loves to come up and help out when I'm doing the Pedro News.





This Edition brings an update on the next generation of airborne firefighters,

a little humor, a few letters, some great stories and a return of "old wings".






Ring of Fire

Take a look at our new airborne firefighters


Huskie Humor

Some good funnies


PRHA Notes

Don't forget the re-union


SEA Stories

Read about "LinebackerII"


Letters to the Editor

Did you fly with "Bozz"?


King's Ransom

Ethiopian Mapping Mission of the 60's!


The Editor's Corner

Check out the return of some "Old Wings"

and a new decal.



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